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Terms and conditions

DREZYNY ROWEROWE ™ - information, terms and conditions


1. you can book your ticket on drezynyrowerowe.co.uk or buy 15 min. before the ride

2. IMPORTANT NOTE!!! The passenger must be present at the station 15 minutes before departure otherwise the reservation may be cancelled

3. the ride takes place according to a fixed timetable under the supervision of the train driver (to and from) and lasts about 1-2 hours depending on the chosen route

4. passengers are obliged to obey the signs and signals given by the stationmaster/rail bike captain (stop, brake, go on)

5. all hand luggage must be kept in the luggage baskets

6. children must be accompanied by adults

7. consumption of alcoholic beverages is prohibited during the ride

8. all persons on the rail bike must be seated. Standing on the rail bike is prohibited

9. the brake should be operated by an adult. The person braking must raise his left hand to signal this manoeuvre to the next rail bike

10. changes of pedal persons take place during the ride (without stopping)

11. the rail bikes ride at intervals of approx. 15-20 m. (unless otherwise decided by the captain).

12. IT IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED TO ACCELERATE THE VEHICLE OR TO COLLIDE WITH a RAIL BIKE. Consequences of a collision will be borne by those who have not kept a safe distance and have run into the preceding rail bike

13. any technical faults that are discovered by passengers must be reported immediately to the staff

14. animals are allowed on the trains

15. stationmaster/rail bike captain may refuse to continue further ride for a passenger not observing the regulations

16. DREZYNY ROWEROWE ™ reserves the right to make changes after the announcement of the timetable

17. DREZYNY ROWEROWE ™ has no influence on the change of weather during the journey, wet and splashed clothes and loss of strength of the passengers :-)

18. purchase of a ticket means acceptance of these rules


The rail bike is a platform measuring 2.2-1.75 m. It consists of two pedal seats and two bench seats.

It is possible to take a fifth passenger if it is a child.