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About us

DREZYNY ROWEROWE™ [rail bikes] – about us


Railway issues have long been very popular throughout Western Europe and, more recently, in Poland. Trains, tracks and the clatter of wheels are something we return to with great fondness. A healthy lifestyle and active time are becoming increasingly popular with many of us. Among these activities cycling is leading. We thought of combining these two worlds - railways and bicycles.


We have always been interested in tourism which is likely to leave a lasting mark on our experience - we then decided to try to organise an attraction in the region, which had not existed before. This is how we came up with the product we have named DREZYNY ROWEROWE ™ - leg-powered vehicles running on railway tracks, for which we have created the trademark DREZYNY ROWEROWE ™.


In the immediate vicinity, there is a beautiful railway line No. 108 leading from Zagórz to Krościenko. The line was built by the authorities of the Austro-Hungarian Empire in 1872. Over time, the connection became unpopular and was decommissioned several years ago.


The entire implementation procedure took several years. The undertaking proved to be very difficult to implement. We wanted very much for it to be a safe and legal product. It is a question of many certificates, approvals, a huge responsibility for passenger safety.

However, we managed to create a kind of coalition of partners around the DREZYNY ROWEROWE ™ project.


Key players in this project were:


- Polskie Linie Kolejowe [Polish Railway Lines]
- Gmina Olszanica – [Gmina of Olszanica]
- Urząd Transportu Kolejowego [Railway Transport Administration]
- TOR Certyfikacje [TOR Certifications]   
- Sekcja Eksploatacji Zagórz [Zagórz Exploitation Section]

In May 2015, it was possible to breathe a "second life" into railway line No. 108. The largest project of its kind in Poland and at the same time in Europe was opened.


For a number of years, many media have spoken about the DREZYNY ROWEROWE ™ project, these included Teleekspres, Radio Poland Jedynka, Lato z Radiem, Radio Lublin, Travel Chanel Polska, Radio Rzeszów, Ekspres Reporterów, Radio Eska, Polska Travel,  Radio Via, Nasz nowy Dom with Katarzyna Dowbor,  TVN, TVP, Onet, Biznes i Styl, Carpatiabiznes, Super Ekspres, Fakt daily newspaper, Polska Agencja Prasowa PAP [Polish Press Agency], National Geografic Traveler, TVP Rzeszów,  Weranda Country, Sielskie Życie, Portal Kolejowy, Dzień Dobry TVN, Pytanie na śniadanie, Rynek Kolejowy and many others.


We have also been visited by Robert Makłowicz, Tomasz Zimoch, Jerzy Bralczyk, Jakub Porada from Porada na weekend, Clark Terry Urlop Polaka, Michał Olszański from Radio Poland Trójka, Janina Ochojska, Katarzyna Dowbor, Marshall of the Podkarpackie Region Władysław Ortyl, Elżbieta Łukacijewska, MEP, the band Lao Che, Papblopavo i Ludziki and many others.


The DREZYNY ROWEROWE ™ project is the winner of many awards such as: the Best Tourist Product of Podkarpacie 2015, the Best Tourist Product of Poland 2015, Sposób na Sukces competition under the honorary patronage of the President of Poland Andrzej Duda, Ambassador of the East.


DREZYNY ROWEROWE ™ has participated in many tourism fairs such as: the Poznan International Fair, Kielce Fair, Congress 590, TT Warsaw, etc.


Departures at our station are announced by Tomasz Knapik himself.



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